Friday, September 18, 2009

Sound Mixing Tutorials - How to...

Links to some interesting work with sound:
Here are some links to software and some helpful tutorials on getting started with audio mixing software:

Interesting blog with links and info on a variety of projects:

Amazing project, watch the video:

Christian Marclay:

Cut ups William S. Burroughs:

Free, opensource software, one the more popular, can be a bit buggy here and there, just save as you go...

These are from youtube, this guy's tutorials are very helpful, clear and understandable (there are many more...look for them as you become more familiar with the program):

Soundtrack Pro:
Apple's sound editing and mixing software, a bit more sophisticated than GarageBand:
(loads of tutorial info here)
Many other tutorials on youtube, look around!

Apple's music mixing software.
Loads of other tutorials on youtube, look around, this one is most popular.

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