Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Assignment #5 - Two Videos...

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Assignment #5: Video and Sound two 1 Minute works


Using both of the your finished sound pieces from Assignment #4 as your soundtracks, create a one minute videos using the digital video camera and Finalcut Pro on the mac.

The intention, in part, is to create an experimental combination of images in time using your sound works as the foundation for expressive video projects. Use your soundtracks as the point of departure for your image ideas. Each soundtrack is to be used verbatim, without any alteration as the starting point to create two time-based video works that are defined by the structure of the audio. The disparate fusion of audio and video will likely create unexpected meanings – allow this to occur. We have been engaging in strategies of control and randomness – continue to think on these lines.

Also consider the overall direction of the last four projects – we have been exploring the issue of self-portraiture through the development of sound experiments that all came together as two audio collages. Feel free to consider aspects of your everyday life as recorded through the lense of the video camera and the editing with the software to be a continuation of this process of building and assembling complex artifacts or personal representation. We have been “hearing” about you and your environments, perhaps this project could be considered an opportunity to now visualize what have so far been aural spaces.

All imagery for these pieces are to be recorded through the camera – no directly appropriated imagery.


Learn to use Finalcut Pro, go over basic techniques through tutorials online and through trial and error. You will be learning by doing! Learn to use: basic editing, importing sound, transitions, etc. Learn basic video camera operation, downloading to the Mac, etc. There are numerous sources on the web available regarding Finalcut – tutorials, discussion boards and such - use these resources and the Dynamic Media lab in the library. I will be posting links to tutorials as a place to start! Good luck and have fun!

Projects are due Wednesday, October 7th!

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