Thursday, October 15, 2009

Triptych+ Assignment...

Triptych from paranoidguy on Vimeo.

Triptych from Emily Rusk on Vimeo.

triptych from grimikins on Vimeo.

Assignment #6: Three/Five/20? - Video Triptych+ for Installation and Web Distribution

Part 1) Create a triptych using video and sound as imagined for a projected video installation. These works will reflect both the further development of your conceptual expressions through video and sound using three consecutively projected video pieces that will include sound.

Part 2) Expand your triptych to at minimum a five-screen project for web distribution and access. You will be developing a webpage as a multichannel video/audio work similar to the In Bb 2.0 as available online:

Your project is to have at minimum two additional channels – you are encouraged to consider the grid form as a creative online template for developing this second phase of the project.

Imagine this work as existing in a dark gallery or museum environment – your viewers enter the space to find three wall sized projected video images – each screen is the same size perfectly aligned with the next with perhaps one or two feet of space between the three projected images. You have no control over when people enter the space - your work is to loop continuously to be experienced not so much as a traditional video work in a screening room or a theatrical setting – rather, this is to be experienced as a discrete artwork/installation.

For the second part, imaging someone coming to your webpage and randomly clicking on your videos to create a unique, live montage of your videos and sound.

There are a wide range of possibilities and variables to consider as you develop these pieces.

-timing – are all the videos perfectly in sync or are they designed with the timing to be slightly off to allow for random associations of imagery?

-subject matter – this is completely up to you! Consider the wide range of subjects covered throughout the history of art, film and video. The only requirement is that you continue to actually record all of your own imagery through a camera. Consider location, lighting, camera position (tripod or hand-held) and all the various possibilities available through the camera (zoom, pan, close-ups, focus/out of focus)

-processing – use techniques explored with the first video projects or others, effects can be used very effectively to play across three screens. Or keep it simple as straight video, through the camera.

-sound – this is an incredible opportunity to play with layered sound – for the triptych you have three sets of speakers, potentially 6 different audio channels if you use stereo. You can meticulously time your audio or allow for random overlay to inform/create the piece as it runs. The use of audio to create spatial relationships with the imagery and your audience is very pertinent to this project. For the second part of the project you have up to 40 audio channels!

Continue to explore and utilize Finalcut Pro, you will also be making your own DVD’s for this project – we will be viewing these on the final critique date which is:

Triptychs due Monday, October 26th. Online, expanded part II’s due Monday, November 2.

You are to turn in THREE DVD's, one for each channel of your triptychs!!!

For grading purposes I will also need a quicktime composite of your triptych where I can view all three channels at once.

At minimum we will be looking at these on three LCD panels, I will be working to see if we can facilitate an actual three projector viewing environment for these projects! IE: it should look like this: