Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Assignment and John Cage links...

Assignment #1: Found Sound Loop – Self Portrait
Sound a. A vibratory disturbance in the pressure and density of a fluid or in the elastic strain in a solid, with frequency in the approximate range between 20 and 20,000 hertz, capable of being detected by the organs of hearing b. A disturbance of any frequency c. The sensation stimulated in the organs of hearing by such a disturbance d. Such sensations collectively e. an articulation made by a vocal apparatus f. The distinctive character of such an articulation g. auditory material as recorded h. meaningless noise

Loop a. something having a roughly oval, closed or nearly closed turn or figure. b. a closed circuit

Using an answering machine “endless loop” tape and a portable tape recorder, record found sound or a series of sounds from your everyday experience. The sound you record and present to the class will serve as an audio self-portrait – a snapshot of sound from/of your life.

Upon leaving class today, open your ears – spend several hours intentially just listening to your life – do not record anything. Use this experience as the foundation to choose what you would like to record tomorrow. Consider the form of the loop as a primary conceptual aspect of the work. Use the looping tape in a creative manner – this piece literally has no beginning our end.

Carefully think about the concepts expressed in the John Cage video – the nature of sound and the belief that all sound, whether intentional or thru chance, could be considered meaningful. Consider audio as metaphor, symbol, and as a unique medium for creative, artistic expression.

There is so much sound in our lives that to give specific examples is almost defeating the purpose of this project. Experiment! Listen! Consider the “music” as defined by John Cage that surrounds us constantly. Allow your recording device to inhabit your life. We will discuss further examples and possibilities in class. Please avoid music in the familiar sense(no favorite songs) - expand your ears….

DUE Wednesday September 2, 2009

John Cage Links:

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